The Commissioners

Your Source of Video Talent


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The Commissioners is an event dedicated to learning about the players behind the greatest video content across contemporary culture, art, music and fashion. We aim to take barriers down and give film directors the chance to learn about these brands, connect and have access to future work opportunities.

The Commissioners was born out of the need for brands to learn about new, talented filmmakers to work with. Through a network of directors built up over the years by Niccolò Montanari, we specifically focus on gathering an audience whose work spans across contemporary culture, art, music and fashion.

We provide exclusive insight into what brands are looking for by inviting them to participate in a panel discussion and screen a selection of their work. Following the screening and Q&A, we’ll open up the conversation to any questions from the audience before giving the brand and the directors the chance to network over a few drinks

By working as a bridge between brands and filmmakers, The Commissioners works to encourage the creation of aesthetically captivating and emotionally compelling video content, while supporting emerging film talent.