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Meet i-D

The Commissioners is back with a new format!

In addition to the screening and panel, the speakers will now also share one or several video briefs with the audience. Aiming to shake up the system and give directors the chance to see their content be brought to life, the speakers will provide useful insights into exactly what they are looking for.

Come celebrate our return - welcome drink on us!

The Commissioners - Meet i-D

The Commissioners welcomes i-D's Digital Director Hanna Hanra and i-D's in-house Video Director Tom Ivin at The Castle Cinema for a live panel, screening of i-D’s selected video content and presentation of exclusive video briefs.

The event will focus on understanding the type of video content produced by i-D and the direction they are taking, sharing exclusive video briefs with the audience attending The Commissioners. The filmmakers will then be able to prepare tailored treatments following the event, the top ten to twenty of which will be reviewed by i-D.

Hanna Hanra

Hanna Hanra is i-D's Digital Director, leading a team of young creatives to help shape and understand the world around them through the medium of written word, video, and across social media platforms. She has 15 years experience as a contributor to Vogue, the Guardian, the Times and ELLE magazine and publishes her own underground music title, BEAT. 

Tom Ivin

As i-D's in-house video director, Tom has documented a number of explosive youth culture scenes around the world, including underground ravers in Kiev, alternative LGBTQ+ nightlife in New York, and the family values of London's most exclusive talent incubator, Fashion East; creating documentary, music video and talent-led content, and pushing the boundaries of moving image and youth culture documentary in the age of the internet.

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