The Commissioners

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Meet i-d/Amuse

The Commissioners welcomed i-D's Senior Editor Clementine de Pressigny and i-D's in-house Video Director Tom Ivin at The Castle Cinema for a live panel, screening of i-D’s selected video content and presentation of exclusive video briefs.

The event focused on understanding the type of video content produced by i-D and the direction they are taking, sharing exclusive insights with the audience attending The Commissioners.

Meet SHOWStudio

SHOWstudio's Head of Fashion Film Raquel Couceiro, Nick Knight's First Assistant Brit Lloyd, and Junior Editor Georgina Evans sat on The Commissioners’ panel to shed some light onto SHOWstudio, and their role as pioneers of fashion film and leading force behind this medium. Specifically, the panel addressed SHOWstudio’s approach to emotionally charged video content, ranging from relationship and loss to fashion’s complicated relationship with overt femininity.

Meet Reiss

The Commissioners welcomed Reiss Global Head of HR Luke East, Reiss Online Marketing Manager Stephanie Villegas-Ross and director Nick Tree. The panel highlighted some of the video content produced by the global fashion brand, discussing why it was produced and how video helped shape and maintain Reiss' strong heritage. Specifically, the panelists were able to explore how video has been used within the company as a recruitment tool in order to attract suitable candidates. 

Meet Selfridges

Kathryn Ferguson, resident Film Director, Commissioners & Consultant at Selfridges, producer Shabana Mansuri and trans activist Charlie Craggs sat on The Commissioners' panel to explore gender, femininity and beauty. The talk shed some light onto Kathryn's work with Selfridges, in particular the video campaign He She Me, created to support Selfridges' unique genderless shopping experience. The audience had the opportunity to understand how Selfridges as a brand continues to innovate by creating video content focused on reinforcing positive self image.